zondag, januari 18, 2009

wij DUS.......

Just a couple of hours ago a new challenge blog was released! Together with 8 scrapbookfriends, we've started Wij DUS, a blog for you, me, everybody.......so, WE....... (translation of Wij......) and DUS stands for Dutch Unlimited Scrappers.


We are all so happy with this and we would really love it, if you all jumped in on the first challenge that starts February 1st!

I'm afraid I can't tell you much about it, but it's going to be so much fun!! Twice a month we will post a challenge with our takes on it and we hope you all will give it a try! At the moment we are all working on the first challenge (mine's done already!!), but again....... you have to wait till February 1st! One thing I can tell you though, there is going to be a prize each month if you take part on the challenge, and if you do both, you will have two shots at the prize!!

So, all that's left to say is........... See you on Feb. 1st!!!!!

I am such a lazy gril, so the text is made bij Marjolein lol

6 opmerkingen:

Marjolein zei

Oh my gosh....... I thought the text was so familiar.... sounded so much like mine........ but you just copied it......... LOLOL, clever girl!!

Are you as excited as I am??

Mireille zei

nothing more great then a smart girl!!!
weeeew.. totally excited!!

Mireille zei

btw.. your blinkie links to photobucket

scrappy jen d zei

Ha Eva,
Kreeg van oa Marjo jullie blog door en via dit even naar de jouwe.
Leuk idee en ik ben graag van de partij!
Fijn, dat Marjo zulke goeie teksten schrijft, he?
Ha, ha...
Leuke blog hebbie!


Peggy zei

hahaha jij bent slim ;)

Mireille zei

OH MY GOODNESS sweetie.. this looks AWESOME!!!