maandag, juni 23, 2008


we went to the themepark Madurodam in Den Haag with some of my dear scrapping friend ,Peggy Yolanda and Mireille and our kids..
we had a great time and took a lot of photo's... around 1200!!!!!
we saw Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Alkmaar, trains, stations, the airport and lot and lots more places in the Netherlands. The kids had a great time, we enjoyed each others company and had a blast! the pictures speak for themselfs, so I keep this small!

photo's made by me, Peggy, Yolanda and Mireille

maandag, juni 16, 2008

town fair

It's time for aour yearly summer fair in our town and we promised Daan we would go this weekend. So we went today and had a great time. Daan loved the plaincaroussel and the big swing. He won some cool toys and we ate typical fairfood.

zondag, juni 15, 2008

meet Barrel

Kitten number 2 has made his entree here and he is adorable.
A little shy but cute and kitten nr 1 loves him.......
His name is Barrel, just fits him.....