maandag, mei 26, 2008

how cute can they be?

Those little kittens?
She has taken over the house.............
she only wants to sleep on your lap.....
She bites in everything......
She makes from our dog a "mothergoose"...

But she is really irristable:)

zondag, mei 25, 2008

our new friend has arrived

guess who is a very happy little guy...........
she will be called SNOES.

zondag, mei 18, 2008

a lot of new pages to show

these are from the last few weeks
al traditional pages
just keeping my mojo running:P

need a name!

I am totally in love with this little cuty and he is 3 weeks old at the moment. Just a few weeks away of becoming my new friend
I can't seem to find a fitting name for this baby
he is grey, with black and yells all the time....
if you have some inspiration for a name...
leave a comment and the one who comes up with a fitting name will get a RAK

zondag, mei 11, 2008

a few digital pages

The first 2 are made for crystalsdigitemplateshoppe using the templates of set 6.
all other digital stuff comes from scrapartist
and are designed by Nancie Rowe- Janitz, Coi Gammon and the collabkit of this month, flightof fancy, made by the different designers except a digital brush of Rhonna Farrer and The notebookpapers are my own design.

vrijdag, mei 09, 2008


Some new papes of the last weeks

this is a hybrid designpage for scrapartist

this one also....

dinsdag, mei 06, 2008

nieuw huisgenootje....

Daan wordt eerdaags 6
daan heeft al erg lang een zeer innige wens
maar wij...
wij zijn dol op deze pluizebollen hoor,
maar de honden...
dat is wat minder..

dus duim maar heel hard...
dat dit een succes gaat worden
ze gaat trouwens SMOES heten;)

our son Daan is almost 6. His deepest and longest desire is to have a cat o his own. He adores cats, so we went to a nearby farm with kittens and he choose this cute baby..
het name will be SMOES and in a few weeks she will join our household with us. the dogs are a bit of a concern, but we think we have found the way to make this work, for all of us:)

maandag, mei 05, 2008


This page of Micky is being published in the "Digital artist magazine" of may08

the magazine is downloadable trough scrapartist
and please check out the new goodies in the store by TOMORROW. I have created the most cute mini album and some notebookpapers for your digital journaling:)
There is also this huge teacups and tiaraskit we created as creative team and designers for the 3th birthday of scrapartist and it is very cheap!
I created this cute shaped minialbum for this kit:

My new goodies:

Enough of the spamming for today.
the last few days the weather outside is finally springlike and warm, so we enjoy the outside life to the fullest!
We went to the zoo, the childrensfarm, went riding on our bikes and taking lots and lots op pictures
updates will be posted soon
and fot now
enjoy the beautiful day!

vrijdag, mei 02, 2008

tullips and more of the same

more pictures of the tullips
I just adore these colourful fields full of flowers
so I went on a photoshoot with my friend Mireille
and had a great time.
The pictures of me are made by Mireille