zondag, oktober 05, 2008

pages of the last month

I keep having some health problems, so I haven't been updating lately
so what has happened on the scrapping front...
these are some of the pages I have made this last month,
some hybrid and some just paper.

woensdag, september 03, 2008

some pages of the last few time weeks

these are for the scrapartist's blog

the others are just for fun:

zaterdag, augustus 30, 2008

neighbourhood fair

we had a big party today. Our neighbourhood was build 40 years ago and we celebrated this together with a childrens fair, games and food!
It was great

A hugh springpillow in the shape of a train, Daan couldn't get enough of the jumping and running

vrijdag, augustus 22, 2008

sail 2008

It was wonderful
seeing the big ships in Den Helder
the fair, the crew and the tall ships in the doks
the sun was peaking through the clouds in the afternoon and evening and we had a great time!

maandag, augustus 11, 2008

we are back to normal

back from vacation to Turkey and healthissues.
Turkey was great, but very, very hot...
I still need to sort out the last photo's, I have taken so many pics....
we got home tuesday, but R. went do hospital the next day.
Daan had an earinfection, so our last week at home was not that great;(

Today it's back to usual, Daan is to school, he was so excited to get to learn to read and write this year!

here some pics of our vacation:

Mireille has given me this great award:


now I have to give it to 7 people so I will do this later thios week. First I have to find 7 people that hasn't got it yet...

zaterdag, juli 12, 2008

some new pages

these are for scrapartist.
quotes are from Danielle Donaldson, papers and elements from Cori Gammon. Both ladies are so talented in designing, love their stuff

other digital products are from Rhonna Farrer and prima hybrid.

These pages are only paper

and Mireille: I can't put every page here, some of the pages on teh list were for Beb, sorry, lol