zondag, oktober 05, 2008

pages of the last month

I keep having some health problems, so I haven't been updating lately
so what has happened on the scrapping front...
these are some of the pages I have made this last month,
some hybrid and some just paper.

4 opmerkingen:

Marjolein zei

I sure hope your health problems will find some cure in a short time! Missed your posts! But girl, these layouts are awesome!! I especially love the last two, they are so colorfull!

Mireille zei

totally totally awesome layouts!!
told ya already but.. have to leave some love again! YOU ROCK!

Francine zei

Wat ontzettend mooi Eva!

Peggy Severins zei

Eef, ik begon onderhand te snakken naar een nieuwe update ;) Ondertussen blijf ik je blog gewoon stalken *LOL*